Did You Choose the Right Pet Food Packaging Bag?

September 06,2022

With the rapid development of society, people's living standards have gradually improved, and more and more people have pets. Therefore, the pet food market is gradually expanding, the market competition is gradually fierce, and the importance of pet food packaging is gradually prominent. How do you choose pet food packaging bags?


pet food packaging bags


Texture of material


The plastic material selected for the cat food/dog food packaging bag has barrier properties, heat resistance, and sealing properties. It can prevent food spoilage, that is, prevent vitamin oxidation in food. Generally, multi-layer plastic composite is selected, and common ones include PET / NY / Al / CPP, etc.


We found that in the plastic composite coextrusion film, aluminum foil will be composite because the aluminum foil packaging bag has good barrier properties. It blocks air, sunlight, oil, and water, and almost all substances cannot penetrate. The aluminum foil packaging bag has good air tightness. Aluminum foil packaging bags have excellent light shielding, oil resistance, and softness.


People who have owned pets should all know that whether it is cat food or dog food, direct contact with sunlight should be minimized. If it is in contact with sunlight for a long time, it will deteriorate; Also, don't put it in a cool place, because it will deteriorate and become moldy after some time, so most pet snack packages will use aluminum foil.


Bag type


  1. Trilateral seal


From the perspective of bag type, three side sealing bag is the simplest and most common. It has good air tightness, excellent moisture retention, and sealing performance. High barrier and low oxygen and moisture permeability. Strong ability to prevent dampness and mildew. The bag making is simple and cost-effective. It is commonly used for small-sized cat food and dog food packaging bags.


  1. Four-side seal


The four-sided sealed bag has high adaptability and stability. The product packed in four sides sealed bags is cubic, with a good packaging effect, which can be used for food preservation and is suitable for multiple recycling. Using the brand-new printing process, the packaging pattern and trademark can be more prominent, and the visual effect is prominent. Four-sided sealed bags are resistant to cooking, moisture, and vacuum.


  1. Octagonal seal


The octagonal seal is the most common bag type in pet snacks. It can stand steadily and is conducive to shelf display. There are eight printing pages in total, which makes the product information display more complete and enables customers to understand the product at a glance. Unique appearance, beware of counterfeiting, easy for consumers to identify and conducive to brand building. Flat bottom eight sides sealed bag has a large capacity and strong bearing capacity, which is suitable for packaging products with large weight and volume. Large-volume pet snacks usually use eight-sided sealed bags.


  1. Self-standing bag


The self-supporting packaging bag has excellent sealing performance and strength of composite materials is not easy to break and leak, has the advantages of being lightweight, less material consumption, and is easy to transport. The use of self-supporting bags in the packaging can make it more convenient to display on the shelves.


  1. Shaped bag


As we all know, pet snacks are mostly used for cute small animals such as cats and dogs. So food packaging bags can be designed into cartoon shapes of pets to increase interest, remind consumers of their pets, and establish emotional ties with consumers.




The common specifications of pet food packaging are 500g, 1.5kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, etc. Small-size packaging is safe and healthy, but the unit price is higher. Therefore, at present, large-scale pet food is more popular in the market. However, it is difficult to use up a large package of cat food in a short time after opening, so it involves the storage of cat food. If the cat food is stored improperly, it is easy to suffer from nutrient loss, deterioration, moisture, and other problems. Therefore, the packaging bag is usually equipped with a zipper, which can be opened repeatedly and is more convenient and hygienic.


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