How to Use the Laundry Bag?

July 23,2022

It is important to isolate according to the character and characteristics of your clothes:


Put a bag for fear of wrinkles, a special bag for underwear, a bag easy to be sticky, a bag easy to be dyed, a bag of light color... Protect it according to these five categories.


laundry bag


Wrinkle-prone clothes can be folded first, especially soft clothes such as trousers, cotton, linen, and sweaters that are extremely easy to deform. Generally, the trouser legs are long, which will be twisted into fried dough twist accidentally during washing. After unfolding, layers of wrinkles will increase the ironing cost, and the previous three sections of folding can properly fit the trousers.


In the rapid rotation of machine washing, leggings will soon lose their due elasticity and luster. If they have to be machine washed, they must be combed flat first, then folded in two sections, and put into the laundry bag, they will not wrinkle.


The knitting thread of the sweater is not tight. To prolong the service life, turn both sides of the sleeve back before entering the laundry bag, fold it in half along the waist, and then enter, to retain the version to the greatest extent.


In addition, if you want to stretch and recover a stretched sweater, you can use the hot water immersion method, and the water temperature is preferably between 70 ~ and 80 ℃. When the water is overheated, the sweater will shrink too small.


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