The Development Trends of Stand Up Pouches

October 13,2022

People are looking for products that can be consumed on the go. The stand up pouches fully meet this standard.


Nowadays, people want fast, healthy snacking without sacrificing product quality. Many innovative elements of stand-up pouch packaging are very fashionable and therefore appeal to many different consumer groups.




The development trend of stand up pouches




In many cases, flexible packaging not only reduces the amount of packaging required for a product, but is also lighter than rigid packaging. It is also easier and more economical to transport.


✔️Online shopping


Consumers typically buy a limited number of products in brick-and-mortar stores. But as e-commerce continues to grow, their options grow with it, with more and more products available to order online. And stand-up pouches are a more attractive option. Because the packaging protects the product inside even if it is impacted, and is less likely to crack and leak.


✔️Anytime, anytime lifestyle


A new generation of consumers grew up with pouches. They thought it was a very simple and convenient form of packaging and also felt comfortable. Especially working families with children are increasingly relying on sachets, especially puree and juice products. Now other beverage products are packaged in stand-up pouches to meet consumers' lifestyles anytime, anywhere.


✔️Convenience and functionality


As brands try to make packaging more convenient for consumers, there is a need for sealing methods such as suction nozzles for stand-up pouch packaging. Demand for this is growing especially fast right now, and now brands are working hard to add more consumer-friendly features to their packaging.


✔️Demand for natural foods


As brands continue to reduce the use of preservatives to extend shelf life, packaging must compensate for this change. Packaging using barrier films has strong advantages over other packaging forms. In addition, food filling requires more packaging that can retain nutrients and extend shelf life, such as flexible packaging using high-pressure processes and aseptic technology.




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