What Kind of Dust Cover is Better?

August 06,2022

Speaking of the dust cover, we know that with its appearance, we can do a better job in the protection and dust prevention of household goods. So now there are various brands of dust covers in the market, of which the quality of dust covers is better?


dust cover


It is reported that there are various materials of dust covers on the market. Most dust covers are made of fabric, that is, non-woven fabric. A few dust covers are made of plastic in front of the cover so that people can directly see the clothes inside through this layer of plastic. Therefore, the dust cover of clothes is divided into two types: comprehensive and translucent. When you buy, you can choose according to your actual needs.


The above is the description of the material of the dust cover. The dust cover, a common daily product, appears more and more frequently in life. If you have any questions about the dust cover, please feel free to contact us. We are a dust cover exporter supplier wholesaler, our products satisfy our customers.